As the name itself recommends, Email Marketing is a type of the promoting which makes marketing of an email to communicate a company’s message and advertising campaign. This simple way of communication enables a man to send the promotional messages straightforwardly to the customers or target market.


We are the Best Email Marketing services Company in India whose services have empowered a wide range of the people to fortify their relations with the majority of your clients. What’s more, it likewise points in building the devotion which is required in holding clients. Before the acceptance of the Email Marketing, nearly each company were busy in sending the promotional messages through the regular postal system which got delivered in millions of mailboxes across the country.. This postal technique devoured a considerable measure of manpower, paper and time. Hence, sending advertising content by means of email turn out more practical and cost-effective than mailing promotional materials by snail mail.

The noticeable components of the Email Marketing include

  • Marketing campaign
  • Direct marketing
  • Email advertising
  • Announce special offer
  • Retention email
  • Promotional material

By using real and result-driven Email marketing techniques which allows you in communicating with all your clients repeatedly, we help you set yourself apart from the competition. At Sozial fox, we are dedicated to provide you cost effective and result oriented procedures when it comes to Email marketing for your rising business.

The email marketing services given by Sozial fox are focused to achieve your potential clients. They help to solve any issues that you may have with non-focused marketing


Our email marketing solutions enable you to control the category and number of clients you need to reach. You can categories the email list based on demographics, area or other criteria


We give email marketing solutions that give you quantifiable outcomes. You can decide the delivery rates, open rates, click to deliver rates and supporter retention from test cases. Also, you can utilize the outcomes to focus on a bigger population that will enable you to achieve the desired outcomes


We enable you to record key metrics that present a knowledge into the behavior of your clients and their preferences.


We give email marketing solutions that are particularly made with the end goal of brand awareness. They can have particular content, be a part of a bigger marketing procedure, and have intelligent and engaging with designs, which will build your image esteem

Special features of our Email Marketing services

  • Unique and firm email headlines and body content
  • Dynamic and intuitive emails
  • Tracking and observing the reactions
  • Superior innovation and greatest ROI
  • Creating inventive ideas for targeted clients
  • Creating and handling list of emails and contacts
  • Reporting and analytics
  • SPAM free and responsive emails
  • Timely conveyance of emails
  • Affordable and redid packages

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